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Who I Am

I capture the moment. I capture the beauty. I capture the personality.


I've known how to use a camera about as long as I've known how to use a sewing machine. I remember setting up groups of Barbie dolls in the outfits I'd made them and taking their pictures.  I'm not sure what my mom thought when she had the film developed.  Not long after that I got a camera for Christmas. I took it on grade school field trips.  Anyone remember "Magic Cubes"?  Mom thought I should have a nicer camera when I left for college. Anyone remember the Kodak Disc Camera?  I've moved on to newer better gear but I sill love photography like I did in the Barbie doll and field trip days.


I've recently been discovering the magic of capturing the moment, the beauty, and the personality of women in modern glamor and boudoir photography. What a great time I've had showing women of all ages how gorgeous they are and letting them exist in photographs.  So often it's mom behind the camera. It's her turn to be in front of the camera! For a peek at my portfolio please look here:


I'd love to have you contact me to capture your moments and your personality.

I'd also love to have you check out my fine art photography for sale at



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